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Our Tale


   L.M.C.G.'s Ent. is a trendsetting Independent Record Label, offering music produced by GMANG.D.B. L.M.C.G.'s Ent. is a collective for independent artists and producers. L.M.C.G.'s Ent., was first started with the vision of GMANG.D.B., in 1996. We've been working with local artists from Connecticut since 1997. We specialize in music production, engineering, recording artists, as well as mixing & mastering.

   Our music is original and different. We are a positive entity. We also, like to incorporate God into everything we do. Whether it's through the creative process of brain storming before any music is created. To actually getting across a good message with the artists lyrics. We love to be good at what it is we do.

About Us: Inner_about
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